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Axis Entry Manager Quick Guide

Before starting, you will need to know the IP address of your Axis Access Control Unit. This will be provided to you by your installer. You can also use the Axis Camera Management Utility to find the IP address.

The Basics

Step 1: Enter the URL of the Axis Access Control Unit into any web browser (ie and press Enter. When prompted, input your username and password and press Enter.

Step 2: Click "Access Management" to configure users, schedules and groups.

Step 3: There are three main areas - the User List, Access Schedules and Groups. Here you will need to add all of your users and at least one Group. There are already preconfigured Access Schedules you can use, or create your own.

Step 4: Click "+Add new user" to create a new user

Step 5: Fill out the first name, last name and Card number fields as shown. "Valid from", "Valid until" and PIN are optional and can be left blank. Click Save when done.

Step 6: Use the Down Arrow beside the newly added User to see more Info. Next, you will need to Drag and drop the user into a Group before they will become active. The group determines the Access Schedule and which doors a user has access to.

Step 7: You can display the members of a group by clicking the Down Arrow next to the group name.

Deleting Users

Step 1 : To Delete a User, first click the arrow to see more info, then click the - delete icon as shown.

Step 2 : When prompted, Click OK

Viewing Event History

Step 1: Click the Event Log link. All recent events will be shown in the right hand pane

Step 2: You can filter the event log based on specific creteria as shown below. Click the filter you want, then click Refresh to update the Event List. In this example we are only showing "Access granted" events to valid cardholders.

For more info, download the full manual here

or feel free to contact us