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Exacq mobile app Walkthrough for iPhone

Part 1 - Initial Setup

Step 1: Search the App Store for "Exacq" then GET and INSTALL the free "Exacq Mobile 3" app


Step 2: After downloading, touch OPEN to start the app.

Step 3: Select Allow

Step 4: Select YES to be taken to the add web services page

OR - if you are not prompted, click the "Configure Web Services" button.


Step 5: Enter the friendly name (which can be anything you want)
and the address and port # provided to you by your installer


Step 6: Check the "Provide default credentials" box

Step 7: Enter the username and password provided to you and then touch APPLY

Step 8: If all information was entered correctly, you will see the green "Connected" next to status.

Touch the back arrow twice to return to the Live View


Step 9: On the Live Page, touch the "Layout" icon

Step 10: Select your desired camera viewing layout

Step 11: Touch any "select a camera" pane to select a camera for live viewing


Part 2 - Searching Recordings

Step 1 : From the Live Screen, click the Magnifying Glass, then click Custom

Step 2 : Select the Start and End time to search, then click Update

Step 3 : Use the playback controls at the bottom to Play, Fast-Forward, Rewind etc

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us