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iVMS-4500 Quick-Start Guide

This tutorial will guide you step-by-step on installing the iVMS-4500 app for viewing your cameras on an Android device.

Part I - Initial Setup and Live Viewing

Step 1: Download and install "iVMS-4500" from the Google Play store.


Step 2: Open the App - you will see a short loading screen, then a live view with no cameras.


Step 3: To set up a new site, click the top-left Menu icon and select "Devices"


Step 4: Click the + Icon (top right) and select "Manual Adding"


Step 5: Fill out the fields as shown. Alias can be anything you like, Register Mode must be "IP/Domain", Address, User and Password will be provided to you by your installer. When finished click the top right icon to Save.


Step 6: If you have entered all the information correctly, you will have the option to Start Live View at the bottom. If not, either the IP/Domain, user or password is incorrect.

Step 7: The Live View will take a few seconds to load depending on your Internet Connection.


Click the various View modes (1, 4, 9, 16) to select various Split-Screen modes :

Part II - Searching Recordings

Step 1: Click the Menu button on the top-left and select "Remote Playback"


Step 2: Click on an empty window square to bring up the camera selection page

Step 3: Select your Server from the List, then select the camera to search


Step 4: Next, select the date range you want to search from.

Playback will begin after a short loading delay.


Slide the timeline left and right at the bottom to search quickly through recorded video (shown in blue).

Pause and playback speed icons are shown below the timeline.

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