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iVMS iPad Quick-Start Guide (Chinese)

This tutorial will guide you step-by-step accessing iVMS-4500 HD from an iPad. This guide is also available in English

Part I - Initial Setup and Live Viewing

Step 1: Search the app store for "ivms" and download ivms-4500 hd

Step 2: Open the iVMS-4500 HD app


Step 3: Please wait while the app loads


Step 4: Allow notifications

Step 5: Press the config icon

Step 6: Swipe to the left to delete the demo DVR


Step 7: Delete the demo DVR

Step 8: Click the + icon to add your DVR


Step 9: Enter the site name, domain, username and password provided to you by Bullet Security, then click Save


Step 10: Start Live View

Step 11: Expand to see your cameras


Step 12: Double tap any camera to see full screen view

Step 13 : Hide the side bar for a larger image


Step 14 : Press window pane icon to improve quality

Step 15: Select "Clear" for the best image quality

"Clear" is the best image quality at the cost of fluidity/speed.

"Fluent" sacrafices image quality for faster more fluid video.

"Balanced" is a compromise between Clear and Fluent

"Custom" allows you to manually select the video resolution, framerate and bitrate.

Step 16: Touch the magnifying glass to Zoom in on the video

Part 17: Pinch to zoom, drag to move the video view around

Part II - Searching Recordings

Step 1: Tap the Remote Playback icon on the left to search recordings

Step 2: Select the time period you want to search "from" and "to" using the calendar



Step 3: Drag and drop a camera into the main window to begin playback for the selected time period.


Step 4: Slide the timeline left and rght to jump to a specific time.

Step 5: Click the Full-screen icon to go into full-screen mode


Step 7: Click the full-screen icon to return to normal


Use the Camera icon to save snapshots and the Scissors icon to save video clips

Snapshots and video clips are saved within the app in the "Picture and Video" section.

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