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iVMS-4200 Quick-Start Guide for Mac

This tutorial will guide you step-by-step on installing the iVMS client application for viewing your cameras on Mac OSX.

Before starting you will need to install the iVMS Mac Client available here

Initial Setup

Step 1: After downloading and installing, run the iVMS 4200 application from Launchpad

Step 2: You will be asked to create a Super User and password. Enter admin and a password of your choice. Check Enable Auto-login if you don't want to be asked for a password each time you start iVMS.


Step 3: Click Cancel to skip the setup wizard


Step 4: Click Device Management


Step 5: Click the Add button


Step 6: Enter the nickname, address (hostname / IP), port 8000, username and password. The address, username and password will be supplied by your installer. Then click Add.


You should now see the DVR added as a device and the Serial # will be displayed.


Step 7: Click "Main View" to see a Live Camera View


Step 8: You will now see the Live View Page. To see a list of cameras, click the down arrow next to your DVR name as shown.


Step 9: Click and Drag a camera from the list on the left to any empty window on the right.


As you drag and drop cameras, their Live Views will be displayed in the split screen window. You can select different split views (single, quad, 9-way etc) using the icon at the bottom as shown.

Reviewing / Searching Recorded Video

Step 1: Click "Control Panel" at the top left, then click "Remote Playback"

Step 2: Click the down arrow to display cameras

Step 3: Select the camera(s) to search, then select a date from the calendar and click "Search"

The timeline on the bottom shows activity with orange lines. Click anywhere on the timeline to play back recorded video. Drag the timeline left or right with the mouse to move forward or back in time.

Calendar dates with recorded video are shown with a red triangle in the corner.

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