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iVMS Web Browser Quick-Start Guide

This tutorial will guide you step-by-step accessing iVMS from a web browser.

Supported Web Browsers are Internet Explorer on PC, Firefox on PC and Safari on Mac. Chrome Support has been temporarily suspended as of Sep 2015, but will return soon - approx Nov 2015. This tutorial is shown on Firefox for PC.

Part I - Initial Setup and Live Viewing

Step 1: Visit the IP or domain name of your iVMS DVR provided to you by your installer.

You will be prompted to install a plugin - follow the steps, then click to allow the "USSC Web Components" plugin to run as shown below.

Step 2: Click to allow the "USSC Web Components" plugin to run as shown below.


Step 3: You are now looking at the Live View without any cameras being displayed yet.

You can click any screen division and then click a camera from the list on the left to display the cameras. However, there is an option we can turn on to automatically display all cameras upon startup. See next step.


Step 4: Click Configuration at the top


Step 5: Click Local Configuration on the left side bar

Step 6: Change the "Auto-Start Live View" option to "Yes" then click Save.


Step 7: Click Live View at the top to return to the Live Cameras View. This time the cameras will automatically populate the screen.

Step 8: You can select various screen divisions (1 way, 4 way split, 9 way split etc) using the button the bottom left as shown.


Part II - Searching Recordings

Step 1: Click the Playback button on the top bar


Step 2: Use the calendar on the right to select a date then click Search. Dates with a blue corner indicate that recordings exist for that day. Click and drag the timeline along the bottom to search through the hours of the day.

Step 3: To begin playback, click the Play triangle button - use the DVD-style controls to rewind, fast forward, pause etc


Step 4: To download and save a video clip, click the Download button

Step 5 : Check the clip(s) you want to Save, then click the Download button


Downloading will begin immediately and you can see the progress to the right of the filenames.

For more info feel free to contact us