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iVMS-4200 Quick-Start Guide for Windows

This tutorial will guide you step-by-step on installing the iVMS client application for viewing your cameras on Windows.

Before starting you will need to install the iVMS Windows Client available here

Initial Setup

Step 1: After installing, start iVMS using the desktop icon or from the Start Menu

Step 2: You will now see the loading splash screen

Step 3: Cancel the wizard that pops up, then choose "Device Mangement" and "Add Device"

Step 4: Add a new site using the information provided to you by your installer. It may be using either "IP/Domain" or "HiDDNS" depending on the installation type. Fill in the Nickname, Server Address or Device Domain Name, Username and Password then click "Add" to Save


You should see your newly added system now in the list. If the Serial # is visible then you are able to connect properly.

Step 7: To see the Live Cameras View, click "Control Panel" then "Main View"

Choose a split-view (1 screen, 4-way split, 9-way split etc)

Cameras will populate

Searching Video

Step 1: Click "Control Panel" then "Remote Playback"

Step 2: Click the time/date section to select a time to playback

Step 3: A calendar will pop up allowing you to select the starting and ending time/date to search.

Step 4: After slecting the date, drag and drop any camera to begin playback

Step 5: Slide the timeline back and forth by clicking and dragging. Motion events are show are red marks on the timeline. Playback controls (Pause, Play, Fast Forward etc) are just above and to the left of the timeline.

Downloading or Saving Video

Step 1: Right click in the video window and select "Download"

Step 2: Click the checkboxes next to the clips you want to Download

Step 3: Click the Download button and wait as Video is downloaded. It will take longer to download if you are accessing your cameras remotely over the Internet. Progress is shown next to each clip.

For more info, download the full manual here

or feel free to contact us