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Kantech Entrapass Quick Guide

Before starting, you will need to have installed the Kantech Entrapass Special Edition software on your computer. It is available for download at here

You will also need either a computer connected directly to the Kantech controller via USB cable or remotely via the Internet.

Adding Users

Step 1: Click the Entrapass icon on your desktop to start. Click login and use the default username kantech and password kantech

Step 2: You will now see the main screen. Click Desktop #1 to see the recent event log.

Step 3: To add a new user - click the users tab, then click Card

Step 4: Click the New icon on the far left to add a new card.

Step 5: Fill out the fields as shown, starting with the card number. You need to press Enter after the card number to get to the next field.

You can also change any field title by double clicking it. (for example, instead of "Card Information 3", you might replace it with Parking Stall # or Telephone # etc)

Step 6: Click the Access Level Tab and select the desired user access level, then click the Save icon on the top left

Step 7: You can create new customized access levels by clicking the Access Level icon

Click New to create a new Access Level

Fill out the name, choose the desired access levels per door, then click Save

Adding Users to the Intercom

Step 1: Click the Users tab, then Tenant List

Step 2: Select the Tenant List from the dropdown menu, then click Add

Step 3: Fill out the tenants name to appear on the Intercom along with phone number(s) for the Intercom to dial out to

Step 4: Click the Weigand tab, select "Card Holder for Access Granted" and enter the card # (or click the ... icon to search for a card). Then click the Save icon top left.

Deleting a User

Step 1: Click Users tab, Card, then use the arrow keys or the Find icon (magnifying glass) to find the user

Step 2: Click the red X icon to Delete, then confirm Yes.

For more info, download the full manual here

or feel free to contact us