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Live video from an Axis
Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera

Embed a live still image or live streaming video directly to your webpage.

We rebroadast through YouTube to allow an unlimited number of simultanous viewers.

The example video feed to the right is streaming live from an Axis Q60 HDTV IP camera The camera is on a guard tour, moving between several different preset views.

We use CamStreamer for all of our camera rebroadcasting configurations. Click here for more information.

Pictures of an IP camera system at a Residential Home

These clients wanted the ability to visually monitor the perimeter of their home and potential entry points while away on vacation. They wanted the video cameras to be triggered by motion and recorded automatically.

We installed high definition vandal-resistant Axis P33 cameras around the outside of their home. With strategically placed locations, we were able to cover all possible entry points.

If the alarm company calls the clients while they are away they can bring up live video in seconds from an iPhone, iPad or a computer.

P33 P33
P33 P33
P33 P33

Pictures of a Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera at a Construction Site

A construction company needed the ability to monitor large work sites without having to physically be on location.

We installed 360 degree Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras overlooking the construction site. (Axis P55 series) This allows management to monitor progress via the Internet, the site super to respond to issues quickly and the first aid attendant to ensure staff are performing work safely.

After hours, the camera automatically repositions to another part of the site to monitor equipment/materials and record any theft or vandalism. All video is recorded to the built-in SD memory card.

Third Fourth
Fifth Sixth
Pictures of a camera system installation at a business

This client wanted to install video cameras on a condo presentation center and still maintain the modern building style.

We installed several vandal-resistant cameras around the perimeter of the presentation center. The cameras were custom powder-coated black in order to match the color scheme the building. Wires were concealed inside flexible black tubing and in power-coated black metal conduit.

First Second
Third Fourth
Example of a Time Lapse Video created with an Axis IP camera

The City of Victoria wanted to document the Johnson Street Bridge replacement project in high definition over a 5 year period using time lapse video.

We installed a high definition 720p Axis P1344 IP camera on an adjacent building capturing the entire work site. Still images are saved periodically and backed up locally and off-site to redundant servers. A web interface allows for time lapse videos to be created of any length for any time period during the 5 year project. This video shows an example of one small part of the bridge removal which took place over 2-3 days.

click the image to load the time-lapse video