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Axis M3007-V Panoramic
180°/360° IP dome

The affordably priced, factory-focused AXIS M3007-PV is a 5-megapixel fixed indoor mini dome that provides detailed, high quality 360° or 180° panoramic views of areas as large as 650 m2 (7,000 sq. ft.). The vandal- and dust-resistant camera can be used to detect activities, track the flow of people and improve area management. It offers different views: 360° overview and dewarped views such as panorama, double panorama and quad views. AXIS M3007-PV provides four individually cropped out and dewarped view areas where users can digitally pan, tilt and zoom in on areas of interest. Support onboard recording to SD card. Indoor and Outdoor models available.

Available Models and Pricing
M3007-V - panoramic 180°/360°, indoor, discreet$895
M3007PV - panoramic 180°/360°, indoor$895
M3027PVE - 180°/360°, I/O ports, outdoor$1195
M3037PVE - 180°/360°, mic + speaker, outdoor$1295

360 Overview Mode in M3007-V

Panorama Mode in M3007-V

Double Panorama Mode in M3007-V

Quad View in M3007-V

View Area in M3007-V