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Axis P12 covert camera

A uniquely designed camera for exceptionally discreet surveillance. This camera delivers crystal-clear 720p high definition video and is available in indoor or outdoor models. The main unit is located up to 26' away on a control module which accepts a micro-SD memory card for storing video.

Available Models and Pricing
P1204 - Indoor HDTV 720p (surface mount)$699
P1214 - Indoor HDTV 720p (in-wall mount)$699
P1214E - Outdoor HDTV 720p (either mount)$699

Showing all three P12 models - (P1204, P1214 and P1214-E) The P1204 is very small and easily concealed using the included mounting hardware The P1204 with control unit shown.  The SD memory card is inserted into this unit The P1214-E (outdoor model) shown with control unit.  Slightly larger lens than P1204 and 1214 models